guest post – how to picnic when it rains

It’s a dreary, dreary day, which made our Downton Abbey-inspired picnic seem a little less inspired.  We wound up instead in my dining room over a game of Scrabble – a slightly reduced but stalwart group, eating tandoori chicken skewers with mango chutney, scones with clotted cream and raspberry preserves, and butter square. All of it homemade, of course. It was delightful, even if our letters weren’t… but we couldn’t help looking out the window and wistfully discussing summer cocktails.  Claude is the master of summer cocktails.  He has introduced us to Lillet and to all manner of interesting taste combinations.  My favourites involved grapefruit, ginger or fresh herbs like lavender, basil and mint.

But the real question is: Claude, when are you going to find your vodka-soaked cucumber cocktail recipe?

– Rachel L.


Claude’s response:

Always wanting to make sure my guests are happy, I invite you to check out my favourite recipes page for the Cucumber-Ginger Fizz