rubbing on the flavour

Nothing quite imparts the same intensity of spice flavour as a well mixed and applied spice rub.

We are participating in a ‘Downton Abbey’ inspired picnic tomorrow.  There are promises of clotted cream, scones, crustless cucumber and jam sandwiches, homemade ginger ale, and of course, Pimms No. 1.  As a nod to the British colonization of India, I have decided to contribute tandoori chicken skewers, homemade mango chutney and some decidedly British smoked salmon and dill rosettes.  The rub has a distinct Indian flair and creates an intense red ‘bark’ due to the paprika and crumbled saffron threads.  The smell transports me back to my staple Indian haunt, the East India Company.

Tandoori Spice Rub


6 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp ground coriander, ground cumin, coarse kosher salt
1 tbsp ground black pepper, sugar, ground ginger
1 tsp   ground cinnamon, crumbled saffron threads

1/2 tsp cayenne powder

Also, while I was mixing up the spices, I decided I would prepare the ‘best rib rub’ a friend passed along – the Bone Dust BBQ spice.  I received it last year but was pleased to be reminded of its smoky, yet balanced flavours.  It works well when liberally rubbed directly on ribs cooked over rinsed sauerkraut.  Prepare for Nirvana!

Bone Dust BBQ Spice

1/2 cup  paprika
1/4 cup  chili powder
3 tbsp    salt
2 tbsp    ground coriander, garlic powder, sugar, curry powder, hot mustard powder

1 tbsp    black pepper, dried basil, dried thyme, ground cumin, cayenne powder

Mix all ingredients and store in an airtight container.