the day of reckoning

As promised, I have an update for my blog followers.  You are (almost) the first to receive this MasterChef Canada update.

I received an email today – I hope it is spam – indicating I will not be moving forward with the top 50 in the MasterChef Canada season 2 process.

Although short-lived, this process has been tremendously exciting and loads of fun.  I must confess, I am astounded by the amount and volume of support from family, friends and fans.  The blog and my culinary adventures will continue as I hone my skills for the next round of auditions.

‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work’, Colin Powell   

13 thoughts on “the day of reckoning

  1. I am sure you must be disappointed, but as in life, you get knocked down, you getback up, I can’t believe there are 50 others better than you, but it is what it is, just think of all the weekends you will have to play scrabble, they will be lined up just to play……lol….only if you feed them..”I am very PROUD of you……Dad

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    • I’d want to correct that statement about “50 others better than you” to say that they obviously don’t know that “you are better than the 50 others” and they clearly have made a ridiculous mistake!

      So sorry about the news for you but it’s good news for us! You won’t be whisked off to the big screen leaving us behind!! Love the blog … keep that up, Claude!

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  2. Wow. They made a mistake. A terrible mistake. It had never occurred to me that you wouldn’t at least be in the top fifty. I’m committed to tasting your future creations as you continue to hone your craft and try again next year.

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    • I find this very hard to believe! You are so deserving of the top 5, never mind 50.
      Keeping your blog going makes me very happy, as I love to see what you have created and have even tried a few of the recipes myself. Now that, is truly hard to believe! Thank you so much Claude, and you do know that you are the tops in my book and of course the block of Brock!!!

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  3. I know it will happen . It is just a matter if when. I am sorry it didn’t happen this time but keep trying. Besides this will give you more time to practice…. Can I be put on the list for potential taste testers at your next taste ‘event’? I don’t mind reaping the benefits of your practice ;o)

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  4. What a poor choice on their part! It’s been so great to be a small part of this process with you and see you excel in the kitchen. I hope you keep up this blog, which I enjoy… And anytime you want to cook beef heart, you know where to find me 🙂

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