the audition

To begin – I am blessed… The amount of support, love, encouragement and go get’em words and sentiments I have read in the past 18 hours are more than I would ever have expected. I definitely have been holding this MasterChef Canada audition pretty close to my chest – until there is something more substantive to disclose. That went out the window last night when my head cheerleader, Sherri, posted a collage of pics to her Facebook page with both Eric and I tagged. The barrage of likes and cheers have been so heartwarming. As Sherri explains “where attention goes, energy flows”. The statement still makes me smile – or maybe it is all the bottled up energy ready to explode.

I’m also wondering who is up to help taste test my fearless recipes this summer? Let me know in the comments below – first come, first served at the à la Claude table!

Thanks for following, please share with your friends and I’ll be sure to provide updates as the process develops.


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