about claude


CBO2Claude.  Lives in a fearless kitchen.

Claude is a son, an uncle, a brother.  Deeply influenced by the love of his parents, he walks with a pride born of his family.  Eleven nieces and nephews spread across Ontario, Québec and in Germany.  Even though he does not get to see them all often, he allows them to inspire his life.  Deeply touched by the death of his brother Andrew, he cherishes time (be it live or electronic) with his other brother and sister.

Claude is a soldier.  Over 20 years services with a Reserve Force Regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces, Claude unexpectedly thrives within the structure of this formidable institution.  Sixteen years serving with the Band of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles, Claude is core to this family.  As it is core to who he is.

Claude is a friend.  The most extraordinary thing about cooking is getting to share with tremendous friends.  The time, effort and stress of hosting dinner and cocktail parties is a paltry price to pay for the joy and thrill that comes from being surrounded by and breaking bread with such phenomenal people.

17 thoughts on “about claude

  1. Really proud of you Claude!! Give it your best. Don’t go by “on ce bour, pas de cérémonie”. For this event, you must have “cérémonie”. Go for its and good luck!!


  2. I’m warming up my easy chair to watch you on the upcoming season, Claude. And I will be saying: “That man made goulash just for me which was better than the Gasthaus Guttenburg!” So proud to be your friend!


  3. Good luck Claude! I know you’ll do well cause you have learnt from the best! Let your new adventure begin and so looking forward to seeing you develope your talented skills!


  4. Claude, if you need any taste-testers, I’ll gladly jump on a plane (and even supply the wine). You’re definitely my canadian master chef!! Bravo and best of luck!!!


  5. CLAUDE , cèst incroyable TOUT tes talents !!!!!! Je fais ta recette de pain–dore aux peches . Jàimerais gouter tout un repas!!!! MEILLEURS SOUHAITS de SUCCES !!!!!


  6. Claude, you are a truly exceptional person and an exceptionally collaborative, insightful and thoroughly professional colleague at work. At work, you are always challenged with new issues under newfound reasons for duress. You are the consummate supportive colleague and professional. It does not surprise anyone that you take this to your kitchen. This culinary dimension of yours is yet another reason or dimension of why you are an extraordinary gift to your family, your friends, and to society. Wish more people were like you in all of those respects! And, yes, we will all forgive your for our expanding waist-lines too… 🙂


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